What the Critics will say: Poor Attendance

My critics will say that my attendance at Board meetings has been terrible. There is a shred of truth to that.
If you look back at meetings, you will notice that around January of 2018 my attendance started to waiver. This was due to our rental house being sold and looking for a new home. The home we did buy in Feburary of 2018 was right in the village core but it was in ROUGH shape.

It was leaking and we had to work on it right away. I had to take time away from the board to tend to my family and personal life. We did the roof and all the renovations ourselves, often working until midnight. But the after photos show the love we put into it

I feel I worked as hard to make Cobble Hill look great as I did on my house. Then recently, I had to go back to full time work. My CVRD take home pay is $2000 a month, it just doesn’t cover the bills. This is part of the reason we see no young people in local politics, the pay just can’t feed a family.

Now that a bulk of the renovations are done and I have a constant work schedule, I am attending meetings regularly again.