What the Critics will say: Fiscally irresponsibility

I published videos, wrote articles and was open as possible about the 2017 tax increase that my critics cite. It was for the Cobble Hill Design Charette which helped give a visual concept of what the village could look like. You may have noticed the businesses in the village painting their buildings and how they all kind of match? That’s the colour pallete that was in the design charette.

I could have just hidden away and plowed through but I was as open as I could be about it. But what’s more interesting is that the next year, taxes were at an ALL TIME LOW… but they won’t mention that part. BUT WHERE IT GETS CRAZY is that if you average out the last four years of taxes, it’s the same average as the last 12 years of cobble hill (roughly 5-6%). So I don’t think that it was out of line

Here is a video I made about it last year.

I was the one to highlight a bad financial practice at the CVRD that was purely political.
We used to just “roll over” any surplus funds at the end of the year into the new budget like we “made money”. This kept taxes artificially low but meant there was no money in the bank for when things broke. After bringing this up every budget cycle, the board agreed that it was time to stop this practice.

This will reduce the number of tax spikes that can happen when something breaks or an unexpected surprise occurs.