Ways to interact with your local government

A recent letter to me and the newspaper asked about how people can be more involved in their local government. Here are a few ways.

1. You can email me. mclement@cvrd.bc.ca
You can also call me on my cell phone 250-715-6874
2. you can write in correspondence to any commission. 
You can email in your opinions, ideas or concerns to ANY committee or commission. 
There’s the cobble hill parks commission, the kerry park commission, electoral area service, transit, regional services and the board.
3. You can be a delegation. 
You can appear as a delegation to any of the committees above and speak for 10 minutes on an issue you want highlighted. There is a projector for videos and power points. here is the link https://www.cvrd.bc.ca/2015/Delegation-Requests

4. We have question period
You can ask about anything that was on that meetings agenda. It is at the end of the meetings. 

5. NEW! We now have a public input session at the beginning of all of our meetings. You have 3 minutes to talk about your ideas or input on that meetings agenda. This means you don’t have to stay to the end for question period.