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South Cowichan Senior’s Luncheon


Did you know that every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, there is a Lucheon for seniors of the South Cowichan?

It’s held at the Farmers Hall in Cobble Hill at 3550 Watson Ave. You can drop in and donations are welcome.

I went today with Amalia to see the event, which was attended by 100 people!! Here are a few photos to share.

south cowichan seniors luncheon

Al Garside being a great Emcee and host

Al Garside being a great Emcee and host

My daughter, Amalia, coming out for the event.

My daughter, Amalia, coming out for the event.

cobble hill seniors lunch

Whole event is run by volunteers

What water means to me

I grew up in the Cowichan Valley in the 90’s and I don’t remember there being so many droughts as there have been the last few years. Perhaps now that Zoe and I are starting our farm, we pay attention to these issues more…

Two recentĀ events have really shaped my views on water. One was a video contest that NATO held in 2012 where I had to create a one minute video of “what security meant to me”. My gut decision was WATER. Here is the video that I won with and took me to the Chicago NATO summit as the only Canadian representative.

Then earlier this year, the Shawnigan Lake Residents association (SRA) hired me to live stream their environmental appeal online. I sat in on 30 days of deliberations, arguments and scientist explanations. It was an eye opening experience to see the complexities of how water flows and it was equally eye opening to the powers we do (and do not) have to protect our water. I made a video earlier that year as a gift to the SRA for all their hard work. I really wanted to capture the worst case scenario of a destroyed aquifer.

I recently went to a discussion panel in Duncan put on by the council of Canadians, which covered food and water security. As various people spoke, the topic seemed to stray into how we could CONTROL water through metering and fines. It was at that point that I said, “We keep talking about how to make the stick bigger through fines and metering but we aren’t talking about how to make the carrot bigger.”

How do we reduce residential water use?
How do we reach the goals of irrigating more farm land?
How do we make those work at the same time?

I don’t have all the answers but I do have the passion to find out through group discussions, looking at other regional districts and speaking with experts from all over Canada.

I hope to have your vote November 15th so that we can continue to have these important discussions.