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Events in the village

This year, Cobble Hill Village will be host to a variety of events thanks to the newly formed Cobble Hill Event Society (CHES). This is a a group of citizens that I met over the last year who asked me if there was a way for more people to connect and meet each other.

These community builders and I have collaborated with CVRD parks, the Cobble Hill Farmers institute, local businesses and volunteers to bring some great events to the village.

The first ever Vancouver Island Homesteading fair is happening July 16th and 17th at the Farmers Hall grounds. It will feature free workshops ranging from bee keeping, canning fruit, veggie gardening and homeschooling. website coming soon.

The Cobblestone pub will help put on a weekend long road hockey tournament in the village which will feature a junior and adult league. (Date to be announced)

A new farmers market will be taking place each Sunday this summer starting June 5th from 10-3. There will also be family events happening with the market such as a cardboard building contest, petting zoo and games day.

Last but not least will be a free open air music night in the village every Thursday evening from 6-8. Bring a blanket, chair and basket to enjoy some music under an open sky.

CHES is looking for volunteers for these events and if you are interested in donating 2 hours of your time, please email

I am really proud of this small group of people who are committed to making Cobble Hill a vibrant and attractive place to live. In working with citizens, businesses and our local government, I hope that this summer will see people come together and get to know each other.

Near the end of summer and after these events, I will be hosting a Cobble Hill Revitalization workshop. We will talk about what a new Cobble Hill can look like that is in line with the official community plan but gives a better idea of the types of infrastructure, businesses and amenities that could make the village a place where anyone would just want to hang out. I look forward to seeing many of you over the summer.

Matteus Clement


Free Libraries AKA Book Exchanges


Someone in the community told me about these. BAM! There had to be some in Cobble Hill this year!! So I put the word out and Elijah Fransen stepped in to help build a rough draft with me.

IMG_7242 IMG_7245 IMG_7247

RONA has agreed to donate materials for the project!

Two local book stores have agreed to donate books to the cause.

If you would like to have one of these in your neighborhood, please email me at

Lake Cowichan First Nations meeting



A couple weeks ago, members of the CVRD board had a C2C (Council to Council) meeting with Lake Cowichan FN Council. We talked about what each of us was up to as well as possible ways that we could collaborate.

We also talked about our values as councils which we all saw were very similar values such as: environment, transparency and youth.

As it stands right now, the CVRD doesn’t have a policy or system in place for First nation relationships. So historically, its been a free for all ad-hoc system that hasn’t worked very well or at all. Our Chief Administration Officer (CAO), Brian, has identified this as a policy that we need to work on in this term. I couldn’t agree more.

This was a first step in that direction with Lake Cowichan Tribes. Each nation will have different ways to address these relationships but one by one, I hope that we can work on it. While many first nations don’t sit at the CVRD table, we HAVE to work together to move forward in this valley and these protocols are a step in the right direction.

Kerry Park Skate Park upgrade

I make a point of trying to speak with various people in my travels. I do this because I believe that many politicians far and wide fall into the “coffee table” gang. You know, the same people, giving the same opinion. So I ask random people while waiting in the grocery store line or hanging around at a public event.

This includes youth.

And one thing they told me over and over was that the skate park is PACKED in the summer plus it could use amenities like lights, picnic benches and a quarter pipe. So I wrote a piece for WHALES TALE, the Francis Kelsey Newsletter, asking who wanted to help do it. Below is the first meeting with some of the youth who use the park (with my daughter in tow)



The guy on the right is Liam Tupper, a skateboarder and hockey player at Kerry park. He has taken the lead on door knocking, calling and getting support to try and get the park the much needed love it needs.

While I am the local politician, I am trying to help as just a local guy. I’ll be helping them with flyers, website and videos. My brother was a heavy user of the skatepark in his youth and I am certain that it stopped him from getting in with the wrong crowd AND he was super healthy too!

If you would like to help Liam, you can email him at

You can also email any letters of support to the Kerry Park Commission:

My new son!!!

This Christmas brought our family a new present… a baby boy!

Levi Alain Kenneth Clement was born at 3:30am on December 26th at a health 8 pounds.


Amalia holding her new brother

Amalia holding her new brother

I would like to thank the community for the love and support they have shown to me and my family since coming into office. Babysitters, gifts, calls and support are always coming into our home from not only Cobble Hill but all over the valley. Being in office has allowed me to run my video business from home and be a “stay at home dad”. Now with Levi in our lives, we are blessed again to see a little person grow up and make their mark on the world.

Again, thank you to all who have helped us over the last year. Here’s to 2016!!!

Consulting Cobble Hill Businesses

survey hi res

Last month I met with roughly a dozen businesses from the Cobble Hill village. 40 invites were sent out and I hope to have ongoing meetings with the business community.

I started with the village core for a few reasons (I will be reaching out to other Cobble Hill Businesses in the new year)
1. Their close proximity to each other would share a lot of common goals and problems.
2. The village employs roughly 200 people.
3. The Official community plan states that there is a desire to have development/densification happen in the village.

The meeting was great. You can see the newsletter I handed out today, recapping the issues we spoke about. I also went back today to hand out surveys to those who were unable to attend. Questions I asked were:


  1. what’s something you need right now that one of your fellow business owners might be able to help you with?


  1. What would you like to see in the village?
  1. what DON’T you want to see in the village?

4. on a scale of 1-10, how do you feel your business is doing overall? ________ many people do you employ? _______________ has your past experiences with the CVRD been? What did you like? What was bad?

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the village?

AS YOU CAN IMAGINE the questions I will ask of other businesses in Cobble Hill won’t be so “village core” centered but the intent is still the same… to reach out to the business community and see if there are ideas, questions or concerns that they may have. As a small business owner myself (farming & a video business) I understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face as well as established businesses but that doesn’t mean I know it all. I want to ask questions and learn about our business community.

If you have any ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Nov 2015 Business Newsletter

Cobble Hill Business Improvement Area – November 2015

Newsletter Follow Up


Hello Cobble Hill Village businesses!

We just had our first meeting November 5th at the Cobble Hill Youth hall and I would like to thank all of those who attended. I learned A LOT in those two hours.
The purpose of this newsletter is to update those who were unable to attend and recap the discussion that happened.
Roughly a dozen businesses attended with a majority being “industrial” businesses. This means there was a focus on industrial issues and concerns.

Topics Covered

  1. Cobble Hill Village Revitalization – I explained the concept behind the revitalization plan as well as the reasoning for consulting the business community first. For example, Some of these upgrades could have large impact on the industrial truck traffic IE – roundabouts.
  2. Drainage & ditches – Both Cobble Hill road and fisher road have experienced drainage issues in the past. I hope I was successful in explaining to the group that drainage issues (like so many other issues for the village) are going to have to be tackled as a WHOLE rather than fixing one ditch at a time. If not, then we are just sending the water down the way to be someone elses problem. Overall, there was great frustration with the ministry of transportation.
    Thankfully,  our GM of Engineering has years of experience in roadways and drainage. I will be meeting with him in the village to seek his advice on the challenges and the best course of action.
  3. Water – The Cobble Hill improvement district provides water to the village area. They are approaching the limits of their allowed capacity but are working on a study to expand capacity. I am trying to connect the improvement district with the CVRD for resources and funding.
  4. Development process & CVRD – For those who have expanded their buildings or added new ones, there was a common theme that they felt the process was cumbersome, difficult and challenging. The number of studies required, the length of time, and the Area Planning Commission process, were all factors in what one person described as “trying to move forward with a windsail in a windstorm”.
    I was clear that I would like to help the process be easier and faster. At the same time, I expressed that this did not mean a blank cheque for the sake of development.
    I am researching “best practices” that could be used at the CVRD as well as speaking with other directors about how their APC’s operate to try and learn more.



As stated above, I have some work to do:

  1. Look at a village drainage plan/strategy
  2. Help the Cobble Hill Improvement District however I can
  3. Research and implement best practice for development permits

The holiday season is coming upon us and with it all the personal and business commitments that come with it. So I am looking to have another meeting in mid-January.
It is my hope that more of the retail businesses can attend at that time to lend some of their thoughts to the conversation.

If you were some of those unable to attend, I have attached a survey for you to fill out and mail back to me when you have some time. It would help me tremendously to have these completed surveys for future reference.

Once again, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.


Matteus Clement
Cobble Hill Director

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Alternate Approval Process (AAP) – taxes

As you may have read in the paper, there is some discontent around the CVRD’s use of the AAP.

You can read about a recent dicussion that was had at the table in the paper:

I think the quote at the end of the article sums up my feelings around this issue:

“We’ve got to understand that what is under the Local Government Act and the Community Charter and what’s set out for the newspapers is the bare minimum so the question is do we want to do the bare minimum as local government, and that’s common practice, or do we want best practice?”

Here is a video I made to help explain the tools we have as a local government.