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TOWN HALL – Fisher Road Composting

December 1st – 7PM
Cobble Hill Hall – 3550 Watson Ave
Matteus Clement, CVRD director, will be
facilitating a town hall meeting to discuss an
application from Fisher Road Recycling to
expand their Capacity from 18,000 tonnes to
36,000 tonnes.
The discussion will hear from the
community about concerns around odours,
water protection and moving forward.

How do I stay in the loop?

There are a few places that you can be kept up to date on some of the issues in Cobble Hill and the valley. There is of course your local paper but you can also have a couple of digital sign ups via email.

  1. Notify me – CVRD
    This is a service that you can find here
    You can chose what you will be emailed about.
  2. My website – subscribe
    On the right hand side of the screen you can see a subscribe area where you can enter your email and be notified when there is a new post made.

And if you miss anything you can also go to the CVRD website and find our recorded video of our meetings here:

Music in the Park – Four weeks running!

Music night in the park is a free event that is held in the heart of Cobble Hill Village from 6pm-8pm on Thursday nights ALL SUMMER.

The feedback from residents has been super positive. Families are happy that there is an event that their children can run around safely with other kids. Grandparents and seniors are making a social event of it and there was even a family reunion one night because they knew that there was going to be music!

Thank you to some of the sponsors for making this happen:

RONA (donating the stage materials)
Cobblestone pub
Drumroaster Coffee


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Music in the park & the cobble hill events society


This Summer, every Thursday night from 6pm-8pm there will be free music in the park. You just have to bring a chair or blanket to sit on.

This is being hosted by the Cobble Hill Events Society. You can find their facebook page here:

The group was brought to life by a small group of Cobble Hill citizens who wanted a place to meet other locals and to try and build a little more community in our little village.

Community: the structure of belonging

This was an amazing book that I read over the holiday season that really spoke the the core values that I have as a local politician. I really recommend it, both as a politician and as a citizen.

Here is the link to the book at amazon:

IF I was going to try and boil the whole book down to a couple sentences it would be: Give the keys back to the people. Our communities are amazingly strong.

My recent work with the Cobble Hill Event Society (CHES) has shown that a small group of community members working with local government can help FACILITATE a better community.

CVRD garbage collection in the south end

There have been a few inquiries as to the status of the surveys that were taken in with about possible CVRD garbage collection.

The board has voted NOT to pursue a CVRD garbage collection and PAN disposal will continue to be the sole garbage collector in South Cowichan. You can also drop off your garbage and recyclables at Fisher Road Recycling.


Events in the village

This year, Cobble Hill Village will be host to a variety of events thanks to the newly formed Cobble Hill Event Society (CHES). This is a a group of citizens that I met over the last year who asked me if there was a way for more people to connect and meet each other.

These community builders and I have collaborated with CVRD parks, the Cobble Hill Farmers institute, local businesses and volunteers to bring some great events to the village.

The first ever Vancouver Island Homesteading fair is happening July 16th and 17th at the Farmers Hall grounds. It will feature free workshops ranging from bee keeping, canning fruit, veggie gardening and homeschooling. website coming soon.

The Cobblestone pub will help put on a weekend long road hockey tournament in the village which will feature a junior and adult league. (Date to be announced)

A new farmers market will be taking place each Sunday this summer starting June 5th from 10-3. There will also be family events happening with the market such as a cardboard building contest, petting zoo and games day.

Last but not least will be a free open air music night in the village every Thursday evening from 6-8. Bring a blanket, chair and basket to enjoy some music under an open sky.

CHES is looking for volunteers for these events and if you are interested in donating 2 hours of your time, please email

I am really proud of this small group of people who are committed to making Cobble Hill a vibrant and attractive place to live. In working with citizens, businesses and our local government, I hope that this summer will see people come together and get to know each other.

Near the end of summer and after these events, I will be hosting a Cobble Hill Revitalization workshop. We will talk about what a new Cobble Hill can look like that is in line with the official community plan but gives a better idea of the types of infrastructure, businesses and amenities that could make the village a place where anyone would just want to hang out. I look forward to seeing many of you over the summer.

Matteus Clement