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Gamboa greenhouse property has new owner

After the great snowstorms of 2017, the greenhouses collapsed and the owner left town. The property went into foreclosure after that.

You might see some trucks and equipment on the site this week. The property has been purchased and clean up is starting. First the glass and steel will be cleaned up. Then site remediation will take place to remove the chemical fertilizer contamination.

Cobble Hill Commons

The park in the middle of the village is seeing some upgrades! The irrigation pipe, electrical wiring and grading has been done.

In late spring, topsoil will be brought in and the area will be seeded with grass. In the first year we will use water from the improvement district but in the next year, we will use irrigation water from the twin cedars sewer system. That sewer system uses a Class “A” standard meaning you could drink the water it is so clean. That water will be cheaper and create less stress on the water system.

Once the grass is in, the park will see some more benches and a few garbage cans installed. No other infrastructure is planned for 2018.


For several years, the RCMP searched for land on which to construct a new detachment to replace the aging building in Shawnigan Lake. The members based there serve the quickly growing Cowichan Valley Regional District Electoral Areas of Mill Bay/Malahat, Shawnigan Lake and Cobble Hill, home to over 18,300 people. A solution was finally found and a tripartite deal was reached for a one hectare parcel at the corner of Shawnigan-Mill Bay Road and Barry Road in Mill Bay which was donated by the developer of the Stonebridge lands through the CVRD, as part of the rezoning, to the RCMP. Plans were drafted and awaited the final sign off, which never came. The previous and current Solicitor Generals and their staff have indicated that the situation is under review and they are considering merging the Shawnigan Lake detachment with North Cowichan. Many fear this would be detrimental to the community.

Please write the Solicitor General with your concerns and copy our MLA

Honorable Mike Farnworth:

Cowichan MLA: Sonia Furstenau


Ways to interact with your local government

A recent letter to me and the newspaper asked about how people can be more involved in their local government. Here are a few ways.

1. You can email me.
You can also call me on my cell phone 250-715-6874
2. you can write in correspondence to any commission. 
You can email in your opinions, ideas or concerns to ANY committee or commission. 
There’s the cobble hill parks commission, the kerry park commission, electoral area service, transit, regional services and the board.
3. You can be a delegation. 
You can appear as a delegation to any of the committees above and speak for 10 minutes on an issue you want highlighted. There is a projector for videos and power points. here is the link

4. We have question period
You can ask about anything that was on that meetings agenda. It is at the end of the meetings. 

5. NEW! We now have a public input session at the beginning of all of our meetings. You have 3 minutes to talk about your ideas or input on that meetings agenda. This means you don’t have to stay to the end for question period.

New Merchant Group formed in Cobble Hill

A new merchants group has formed in Cobble Hill, CHUMS (Cobble Hill United Merchants Society).

They are holding their first social mixer at the Cobblestone pub SEPTEMBER 27th from 7-9pm. It is open to CHUMS members and all local business people interested in networking and learning more about CHUMS are welcome: home-based, retail, commercial, industrial, non-profit.

Anita Willis, one of the owners of two hoots gallery, has been spearheading the group.

With the collapse of the South Cowichan Chamber of commerce, CHUMS is seeking to fill some of the void left by The Chamber’s departure. CHUMS is not looking to become “the next chamber” but rather a way for upcoming and existing business owners to connect, find information and work together to better the business community in Cobble Hill and South Cowichan.

Here is a write up from the upcoming website:

Cobble Hill United Merchants Society

What is CHUMS?

Early in 2017, a group of Cobble Hill business owners began meeting to see how they might work together to support each other and the community we serve. In July 2017, the group registered the Cobble Hill United Merchants Society (CHUMS) as an official B.C. society.


What is the mandate of CHUMS?

The society’s two stated purposes are:

  • To build connections among Cobble Hill business owners, residents, and like-minded local and regional organizations to broaden local and regional awareness of Cobble Hill as a vibrant and welcoming community in which to live, work, and play.
  • To foster initiatives and events to enhance the beauty, heritage, livability, and social connectivity of Cobble Hill.


Who is on the board of CHUMS?

The following business owners have volunteered to serve on the first CHUMS board:

President:                     Phil Newns, Minstrels Music School

Vice-President:             Nick Yaremchuk, Island Computers

Treasurer:                     Kim Newns, Paint Nite

Secretary:                     Anita Willis, Two Hoots Gift Gallery

Director-at-Large:        Dave Kral, Cobblestone Pub

Director-at-Large:        Candice Johnsson, Union 22 Antique and Vintage

Director-at-Large:        Susan Dumas-Ryan, The Second Hanger


Who can join?

Membership in CHUMS is open to businesses, organizations, and individuals both within and outside of the boundaries of Cobble Hill Regional District. Anyone who supports the society’s stated purposes, above, is welcome, including business people and organizations from neighbouring South Cowichan communities who see a benefit in networking with the business people of Cobble Hill.


What are the benefits of a $10 annual membership in CHUMS?

* Network with local business owners at fun “Meet and Greet” evenings.

* Join CHUMS group marketing initiatives to get more for your ad dollars.

* Participate in CHUMS community-building events and initiatives.

* Get listed in CHUMS’ growing member directory and a future CHUMS website.

* Advocate for village improvements (like a “Visit Cobble Hill Village” sign on the highway, pedestrian safety issues in the business core, etc.) as a collective group of business owners.

* Stay “in-the-loop” with newsy updates about changes, improvements, etc. in the Cobble Hill business community.

* Get CHUMS member discounts at participating local businesses.


1)     Grants in Aid:     Why has this been increased from $6,500 to $80,000 over the last 2 year period?

Many residents of cobble hill do not know of the grants in aid function. As the cobble hill event society pressed on last year and it became public knowledge that there was funding for community groups, there appeared to be an interest by the community to start initiatives that would benefit the community. So I increased it. If at the end of the year, there is money in the bank, it will be rolled over and the requisition will be lowered accordingly.

2)     Federal Gas Tax Rebate:     Why was $50,000 funded for a covered pavilion on private property at Evergreen Private School?

Evergreen is also a society. Their grounds are open to the community after hours, on weekends and the summer. The CVRD has an existing arrangment with them that will be extended through this funding. The pavillion will cost 150,000.

3)     Why was $70,000 spent to duplicate previous village designs completed in 2012, 2013 and 2014?

The design charrette gave a visual plan to some of the village’s development. The other plans you refer to were 20 years old or for very specific projects. The OCP does not give visual guidelines.

4)     Cobble Hill Events Society (CHES)

      (a) This was created by Director Clement in 2016 — Why is it being funded by Grants In Aid monies?

It was not created by me. It was facilitated by me with a group of cobble hill citizens who wanted to have more opportunities to engage with the community.

   (b)     Why has the CHES Grants in Aid been increased from $15,750 in 2016 to  $20,000 in 2017?

CHES borrowed a sound system in its first year that was not available to them this year. that increase was to buy a sound system. That sound system will be able to be borrowed by other community groups in the future. CHES is working on a policy for this.

5)     Is it true that Director Clement and his alternate, Carolyn Morris do not reside in Cobble or even pay taxes in this area?

Neither of us live in cobble hill.

6)     Why was it necessary for Director Clement to spend $1000 on a full page colour advertisement in a local newspaper?

Because people needed to know about the event. There was also advertising on Facebook and Youtube.