My Plan

Building on the work I have done so far, I have a few ideas for the future

  1. Walkways or sidewalks
    The CVRD is working with the Ministry of Highways to create walking paths to connect the various village cores through out the valley. Since we are an electoral area, we don’t have control of our roads and this is why we have to go this route BUT….
    We are able to sign leases with the province for the road shoulders and build walkways. These are important for EVERYONE.
    The young families that are moving to the valley, active seniors and people with mobility issues or who can’t drive.
    This will be a long process but in the interm, we could start in the village and work our way out to Arbutus Ridge, Valleyview mall, Mill Bay and Shawnigan Lake.
  2. More Businesses
    Bakery, doctors office, butcher, or seniors housing? It’s true you can simply drive to get these amenities but after watching my grandmother suffer a stroke, I saw how small and challenging her world got. If we want to seniors to age in place and young people to have jobs, we will need to work on building our business community.
    I would for Cobble Hill but also with our surrounding areas to attract employers and developers who want to provide services to the community. I will also work to properly staff our planning department so permits don’t take years to complete which is a huge deal breaker for the business/development community.
  3. Safe Water
    I will continue to work with the Cobble Hill Aquifer Taskforce to ensure industrial activities don’t pollute our water.
  4. Seniors Housing
    It’s on everyone’s mind and we need to work with seniors levels of government to make this happen. I attended the Cowichan Housing Assosiation’s open houses and talked with them for two hours about potential ideas and solutions to seniors housing in Cobble Hill or the surrounding area.
  5. Community Council
    The 2018 town hall meetings didn’t work out quite how I had hoped. The intent had been to bring new ideas forward, concerns to be made and a direction to set sail in.
    SO I would like to try another model inviting various citizens in the community to talk about ideas, concerns and ways to enrich our community further. The idea is similar to a citizens assembly but in a broader manner. I am open to suggestions on a new consultation method.


Please have a look at MY TRACK RECORD to how it ties into these ideas.