FACT FINDING: Have I consulted enough

It appear that both of my opponents are claiming that I never consulted enough. Let’s look into that (somewhat chronologically)…

I go through two pairs of shoes knocking on 400-500 doors during my Campaign. The biggest thing I hear missing is “A sense of community”

Then I decide I want to talk with people about what a big project could be, so I do a mail out to ALL OF COBBLE HILL. The flyers look like the one below. I also do half page ads in the Citizen paper.

We have the four meetings in which it sounds like seniors housing, community events and walkability are top of mind.
I go to planning staff to try and brainstorm ways to address this issues. That’s where we come up with the design charette idea. That’s when I send out a mail out to ALL OF COBBLE HILL AGAIN. ( i think it was this picture. I can’t find the flyer)

We hold that meeting March 20th at a full house at the Cobble Hill Hall.
We undertake the process with stakeholders and then we hold TWO OPEN HOUSES.


We host the open houses with great attendance and commit to reporting out in the new year. I decide that it would be great at the same time to do a series of planned town hall meetings. A FULL PAGE ad goes into the citizen newspaper (as shown below)


In the end, I hosted 6 total before feeling that the meetings have devolved into a small group of people who just don’t like what I do and there doesn’t seem to be a benefit to continue. I cancel the rest of the meetings.

So just by the numbers:
4 meetings, 2 newspaper ads, and thousands of flyers + online talks

6 town halls (recreation cancelled)

4 kerry park meetings (FLYER MAIL OUT)

1 fisher road meeting

13 FB videos

72 website postings