Vandalism in Cobble Hill Village


This was the sight that people came to this morning at Quarry nature park. Some punks have decided to make Cobble Hill their stomping grounds and ruin the community for the rest of us. I am afraid that this is not the first incidence of this either.

Two weeks ago, Cobble Hill Hall was tagged with similar work so it is safe to assume that it’s the same people. Their have also been reports of cars being broken into. These cars were unlocked.

Lastly, there was vandalism in Twin Cedars where someones christmas decorations were smashed.

If you are not already part of a block watch, the South Cowichan Community Police help facilitate the creation of new ones. You can read about it here:
Fact: If you are part of a block watch program, it can help lower your home insurance as well!

If you see suspicious activity, call the RCMP.

I am working with the businesses in Cobble Hill village to help finance security cameras with in the village. The businesses are on board seeing that there is a value for both them and the community.

And lastly, in my community conversations, street lighting has been brought up many times but many people agree that the lighting needs to be both functional AND pretty. There is no desire to have big highway lights in the village. People have said they moved here in part to see the sky and perhaps timers/motion sensors on the lights are an option.

Rogers Cell phone tower

You may have read in the Citizen Paper about the recent decision on the proposed Rogers Cell phone tower that would have gone into the Fisher Road industrial park. If not, you can read it HERE. To be clear, our decision is simply to not endorse the site which then goes to Industry Canada. This is not an absolute decision. It may or may not move forward.

From people in favor of the tower, some concerns were raised around wireless coverage in the area for emergency calls and businesses.

I agree with these concerns. If Rogers was not to build their tower, they can still lease space off the existing Telus tower which would give them coverage along the highway but not additional coverage in the village core. So there is still an option for Rogers.

From my viewpoint there are some larger issues that need to be addressed  with our wireless infrastructure. Two things are undeniable at this point: there are gaps in cell coverage AND wireless communications is only going to GROW.

So with that in mind:
– how can the CVRD perhaps play a more proactive roll in our regional wireless infrastructure?
– how can we work with the carriers to create a wireless grid that is complete?
– what information do we need to make more informed decisions? Could we use some workshops? Could we use tools to measure electromagnetic waves?
– what locations do we NOT want these towers? School, hospitals, etc?

With 9 electoral areas and 5 municipalities, we HAVE to take a more coordinated approach to this critical infrastructure. Instead of each electoral area planning commission approaching this on a case by case business, could we perhaps have a plan in place that respects the community while building the region?

I don’t see why not.

It certainly would save both sides a lot of time and money knowing where they can and cannot build.
It would ensure that we have coverage through out the valley.
It would ensure that tourists are connected… hopefully aiding our economy.

I’ll be investigating this further and will report back.