Music in the Park – Four weeks running!

Music night in the park is a free event that is held in the heart of Cobble Hill Village from 6pm-8pm on Thursday nights ALL SUMMER.

The feedback from residents has been super positive. Families are happy that there is an event that their children can run around safely with other kids. Grandparents and seniors are making a social event of it and there was even a family reunion one night because they knew that there was going to be music!

Thank you to some of the sponsors for making this happen:

RONA (donating the stage materials)
Cobblestone pub
Drumroaster Coffee


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Kerry Park Skate Park upgrade

I make a point of trying to speak with various people in my travels. I do this because I believe that many politicians far and wide fall into the “coffee table” gang. You know, the same people, giving the same opinion. So I ask random people while waiting in the grocery store line or hanging around at a public event.

This includes youth.

And one thing they told me over and over was that the skate park is PACKED in the summer plus it could use amenities like lights, picnic benches and a quarter pipe. So I wrote a piece for WHALES TALE, the Francis Kelsey Newsletter, asking who wanted to help do it. Below is the first meeting with some of the youth who use the park (with my daughter in tow)



The guy on the right is Liam Tupper, a skateboarder and hockey player at Kerry park. He has taken the lead on door knocking, calling and getting support to try and get the park the much needed love it needs.

While I am the local politician, I am trying to help as just a local guy. I’ll be helping them with flyers, website and videos. My brother was a heavy user of the skatepark in his youth and I am certain that it stopped him from getting in with the wrong crowd AND he was super healthy too!

If you would like to help Liam, you can email him at

You can also email any letters of support to the Kerry Park Commission: