2011 Survey Results BEFORE the droughts

I ran on the platform of: Water, Farms, People. This post deals with water…. or the lack there of.

I knocked on 500 doorsteps and talked to 100’s of people. It was evident my platform, epsecially the water part, resonated with people. But how could I possibly take all that discussion and show it as factual information?

Well it turns out that in 2009 and 2011, the CVRD hired Ipsos Reid to do a phone survey. They contained the exact same questions to see if the two years apart would change peoples minds. The answer? No. The answers had a 2% variance in either direction meaning the answers were solid. These surveys aren’t mickey mouse either. They are shown to be acurate within 5%


CVRD 2011 Community Survey Final Report (1)

There are a few things that shocked me when reading the survey.

On page 19 & 37, people are asked about their priorities around land use planning. Adding 1st and 2nd choice, water totals 94% at the top of people’s minds. On page 22, people are asked for their NUMBER ONE environmental concern and 50% said water.

So as we press onto the 2015 drought, we at the CVRD table need to know that there is a mandate by the citizens of the valley to protect the watersheds and water ways.

If it came down to cutting services and saving more OR being taxed a little more for the same level of service, 2/3 people wanted to keep services. This is a little different from the story of some squeaky wheels in the community around taxes. (bottom of page 3 in the survey)

The majority of residents believe they receive good value for their municipal tax dollars. Specifically, 80% feel they receive “very good” (18%) or “fairly good” (62%) value for their taxes. This viewpoint is consistent with what is seen in other British Columbia municipalities.”

If you have a chance, give the survey a read. It always great to know what the community is thinking. The last survey was done in 2011, maybe it’s time for a new one?

If you could ask 400 people a question to gauge the public, what would it be? Email them to me at mclement@cvrd.bc.ca