Re-Elect Matteus Clement for Cobble Hill

Re-elect Matteus Clement

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THANK YOU Cobble Hill

To my friends, neighbors and citizens of Cobble Hill,

Thank you for your support during this election and over the last four years. The votes are in and my time is done as your local politician.

I’d like to thank my wife, Zoe for supporting me over the last four years.

Cobble Hill, we have so much to be proud of. We have done so much TOGETHER.

WE now have a Central Park that is the crown jewel of the south cowichan.
WE have shared each other’s company at music in the park.
And we have a shared vision for keeping Cobble Hill rustic and charming.

ALL OF YOU helped make this happen. Never doubt for a moment what a small group of loving people can do to change the world for the Better.

I truly believe in my heart of hearts that Cobble Hill is safer, more connected and more vibrant than it was four years ago.

This campaign was never about me. It was about the Cobble Hill we love and building a community that is hopeful, inclusive, and welcoming.

And that work HAS to continue. I know we share similar values and we have a chance to focus on what connects us instead of what divides us with the new director, Mike Wilson.

I love you all and can’t wait to see you next time.